Our Vision

An underutilized, disenfranchised workforce. Millions of vacant jobs. Long lines outside staffing agencies and¬†Help Wanted¬†signs in shop windows. We face a pressing problem that demands attention. The current system of job boards and staffing agencies simply isn’t working.

And yet the future is right at our fingertips. In the palms of our hands.

What if technology was the answer? What if, instead of building up barriers and pay-walls, technology tore them down? What if it enabled those those that create opportunities, and those that fulfill them, to connect directly? What if they could do so without paying per job post, or 25% of the worker’s paycheck?

What if Casteller already existed?

At Casteller, we are building a platform for the future – where businesses and workers can connect with each other directly. Together we will create opportunities, connections, jobs and wealth. Together, we will rise.

Welcome to the future. Welcome to Casteller.

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