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Casteller is now and will always be free for you to use. No more searching for jobs on online job boards that are stale within minutes. No more walking around with your resume in hand, hoping to chance upon a business looking for your skills. No more relying on word of mouth. The future of the internet is in the palm of our hands, and now finding work will be as well!

We have designed Casteller to be easy and simple to use. Simply set up your profile in the Casteller app. It takes no more then 3-5 minutes. And then tell us when you are available. Businesses will find you based on the roles you select and your availability and offer interview for positions. From there, it’s up to you and your winning smile! That’s it!

Indeed! Just remember that Casteller isn’t a ‘job board’ or online listing site. So once you declare your availability, it may take a few minutes for employers to find you and offer interviews. But not to worry – we will notify you soon as this happens – through text & email notifications!

We know, and we think it’s neat! Long winded resumes end up looking and sounding the same. And who wants to maintain ten different types of resumes and bother with uploads and forwards? No more sending emails that may not be read. Simply select up to two roles that you like best, and add a few skills and recent work experiences.

You do – and this is key to how we believe any hiring platform should work. By prioritizing you when you are available, we can tailor work offers to your availability. And when you are away, or don’t need work, we simply ‘turn off’ your availability so we don’t bother you with emails or texts. This keeps the platform simple and clean.

At Casteller, we try to help employers find workers who are looking for work. If you don’t tell us you’re available, then you simply won’t appear in any of the search results. And we wouldn’t want that! So remember to open the Casteller app once a day, preferably in the mornings, and let us know if you are looking for work.

Congratulations (and we really hope you found it through Casetller!). Simply go into My Availability and de-select your availability preferences. We will not bother you with search results till you are ready to look for work again. And remember, you can always find part-time or shift work by simply selecting those options in the My Availability tab.

Simple again – just log in to the Casteller app, go to My Availability and tell us when you’re available. You will start to appear to employers again and soon your phone will be buzzing off its hook.

As we move forward, we’ll add plenty more features – like finding work in specific neighborhoods, for however long you want or even discovering opportunities in real-time! Keep an eye out for these features.

At Casteller, we want you to find you work that’s near you. No more trekking for hours for a half-day gig, wasting more time in buses and subways than you do working. As you travel less, and work more, you will get more money in your pocket. And we like that! To help you find work nearby, whether it’s where you live or already work, we need to understand where you are.

It means you’re one step closer to a job! When an employer likes your profile, they can ask you to come in for an interview – this may be a one-on-one or more like an open-house. Be sure to pay attention to the details – employers will specify when, where and what they expect you to bring (e.g. ID, paperwork, come dressed to work etc.). In most instances, we expect them to ask for a training or trial period, just like they normally would.

The decision to accept or decline an interview is entirely up to you. You may love it, or find something better (on Casteller, of course!). We just ask that you be prompt in replying to requests. And once you have accepted an invite, both the employer and we expect that you show up for the interview. Nothing turns an employer off than no-shows.

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee a job. Think of Casteller as a search engine – one where employers find you and you find work that you like. After that, we leave it to you and your winning personality to get it done!

Easy as A-B-C! First, give us some basic contact information. Don’t worry, we don’t display this to anyone, unless it is an employer who sent you an invitation that you accepted. Next, tell us two roles that fit you best. For now, we are limiting the reach of Casteller to the Food, Beverage and Hospitality industry, but we will be adding more very soon. Just imagine, finding work as an actor and a waiter on the same app!
The final step is to declare your availability. And you’re done!

We expect to launch in other languages very soon. Spanish, Portuguese, French. Want another language? Get in touch and let us know!

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