Questions frequently asked by Employers.

Casteller is indeed free – and always will be. You can search for workers to fill a role, manage open house and interview schedules and keep tabs on how many workers have accepted your invitations. Over time, we will introduce certain features under a Premium membership – get in touch with us today if you are interested in finding out more!

As business owners ourselves, we understand your need to have complete control over your time. We have designed Casteller with your ease of use in mind. Simply log in (or sign-up, if you are a new user). Search for the role you want to fill. Casteller will display only those workers who are available, near you and match your search. Select as many (or as few) as you like, and invite them for an interview.

To keep things simple, we only ask you to fill in a few basic details – date, time, location etc. This invitation is then sent to the shortlisted worker(s), who may accept or decline based on their work preference and circumstances. You will see each acceptance in the Notifications tab and can keep up on how many are coming. Easy!

We do not. Think of us as a version of a popular search engine (that rhymes with frugal!) for finding workers. We exist to create an open platform, one on which you can connect directly with available workers near you! The responsibility of vetting these workers, making sure their paperwork is in order and checking references still rests with you. But isn’t it a joy not to get a hundred emails with CVs any more?

No, we do not. The workers you find on Casteller are the ones you would expect to find (with great difficulty!) on Craigslist, or (by pure chance) walking in through your doors. We are simply bringing 21st century technology to solve a pressing problem, both for you and workers.

Given the nature of the industry, some workers are more in demand than others. Line cooks for instance are at a premium right now. So it is natural that as Casteller builds out, some roles may yield fewer matching workers than others. Do not worry, your friendly Casteller team is all over it, increasing our worker pool by the minute!

At Casteller, we understand that the Food, Beverage and Hospitality business is a people business. Finding the right people can make all the difference. An invitation makes it easier for you to find the right people. Simply select the workers that you like, and send them an invitation to come for an interview. Add some details (e.g. you can ask them to come ready to work, bring a resume, tax and identification paperwork and a winning attitude!). Set a date and time when you would like to meet them and send away.

All Invitations that you send out are added to your schedule. This is a one-stop shop where you can view all your upcoming events, the workers you invited and which ones have accepted your invitation.

At Casteller, we listen to you, our valued customers, very carefully. Through hundreds of interviews and discussions, a common theme emerged – time. Business users, whether owners or general managers, were constantly pressed for time, rushing from one crisis to the next emergency. Wouldn’t it be great, we heard, if there was an app? You know, something I could use on the go? And so our app-only approach was born. Over time though, to cater for more complicated operations, we will introduce a web-based platform. If you are interested in signing up for this, please let us know!

We plan to roll out support for events very shortly. This feature will allow you to create an event, add roles and find workers for each role. If you are interested in signing up for this feature, please let us know!
For now though, we ask that you create individual invitations for each of the roles you need to fill.

Casteller provides you the flexibility to communicate trial or training periods to the workers. Simple add a brief note in the Invitation with details on the trail or training period duration. You can give the shortlisted workers more details when you meet them in person.

We currently do not offer a calendar feature to support future searches. Again, this is in response to what we heard from a number of business users like you – that the immediate problem to solve was no-shows, sick-days and spikes in activity. We plan to introduce this feature very soon, so please let us know if you are interested!

We believe the ability to rate and endorse workers, and view previous ratings and endorsements, is a big piece missing from the FBH industry. We plan to address this issue with Casteller. Soon, workers will be able to claim skills linked to their roles, e.g. anywhere between burger flipping to sushi cutting! You as a business user will be able to endorse workers on these skills, and even search by specific skills. Stay tuned for these features.

We currently do not provide online references. We leave it to your best judgement on how to vet the workers you shortlist. Over time, with the introduction of My Pool, you can build your own workforce of trained and trusted workers. We will also offer a differentiated pool of verified and vetted workers.

You sure can! We call this feature My Pool –your very own personalized workforce. Each time you shortlist a worker, we add them to your pool. You can add more as you go along, perhaps some that have worked for you before and have recently joined Casteller. Over time, you will build a bench of workers you know and trust to handle your business for you. And it only gets better from here. You can then post jobs only to your pool, or search by availability, role and skill. You can create multiple pools for different locations or even cities. Best of all, a returning worker needn’t walk through your door to come back – you will simply be notified of their availability online!
This feature will launch in the near future, so please let us know if you are interested in signing up.

Initially, we will limit Casteller to single locations within New York City. However we know that the sign of any successful business is growth, and we sure would like to help you get there. The ability to add multiple locations and pools to your account will be released very shortly. Please let us know if you are interested!

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